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Children's House

Now offering half day programs for first year 3 and 4 year olds! 


Our Children's House (Level 1) program serves 140 children in 6 multi-age (3 - 6 yrs), multi-range classrooms with a 10:1 student to teacher ratio. These classrooms are traditional academic Montessori classrooms where children work at their own pace and develop independence under the guidance of our carefully prepared Montessori-trained teachers. There are many materials that start with a basic concept and later develop into more advanced lessons as the child becomes ready.

At MBMA there is not a level called kindergarten.  There are "kindergarten-age" children in the Children's House (Level 1) and in the Elementary, depending on the child. Students are promoted to the Elementary level according to social, emotional, and academic readiness for a more advanced curriculum.

Practical life lessons develop control of body and movement through fine motor and gross motor skills, encourage children to complete tasks, gain independence, and introduce and practice grace and courtesy within a social setting. Montessori students come to understand from a very young age that we all have responsibilities to treat each others with respect and dignity.

Many recognize Montessori by the classic ’Pink Tower’, a sensorial activity designed to discriminate size and shape. Children engage in this and other Sensorial tasks, honing their skills in the discernment and discrimination of size, shape, color, texture, taste, smell, and sound.

Language and Math are integral areas of the Montessori environment in the preschool years. Lessons are introduced sequentially, depending on the child’s readiness. Much is gained in the early years. Children are introduced to reading and writing through the use of sandpaper letters. They love the introduction of a wide variety of units presented to them on many topics that help introduce vocabulary and awareness to the world around them. Math is extensive in the Montessori curriculum. Children might be working on #’s 0-9 or they might be ready for place value and multiplication. Geometry and algebra can also be introduced through carefully designed materials developed so long ago.

The classroom is not without opportunities for group instruction in Languages (i.e. Spanish and Chinese), music, and art. Physical education and geography are also incorporated into the Montessori program regularly.

Physical Education is a fitness program that encourages healthy habits designed to last a lifetime. In the early years the child learns cooperative games that promote teamwork, a healthy attitude towards developing physical skills, and encouraging participation.

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