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Chinese Class

Children’s House:

        The preschoolers focus on basic Chinese vocabularies. The words are related to their everyday lives such as numbers, colors, clothes, families, animals, etc.   The class is using the method of learning language in the natural way.  We use flashcards, songs, stories, role play and games to engage children’s interest.



The kindergartners and first graders will continue to build up Chinese vocabularies and short sentences by using the little story book My First Chinese Words.  From the stories, the children not only learn to communicate in full sentences that relate to their daily life, but also memorize individual characters.  The children also learn how to write the simple characters with correct strokes and orders.  Meanwhile, the children explore Chinese culture, via online stories, crafts and other fun activities.


Elementary Chinese:

          The elementary students will continue to develop vocabulary, reading, writing by using the book My First Chinese Reader.  The book has spiral-up lesson structure and step-by-step approach.  The students will follow the teacher’s guide and use worksheets, assessments, CD and online lessons that make learning fun.


See below for a Children's House Chinese Class:

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