Daily Health Screenings

Each morning at Drop Off, MBMA families are greeted by our friendly staff. Parents sign their child in and the child’s temperature is taken prior to setting foot on campus. Children cross a disinfectant mat to clean their shoes, wave goodbye, and start their day. Only students and essential staff are allowed inside our school.

Routine Temperature Checks

Children’s temperatures are checked at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure every child is healthy and symptom free. A parent is contacted to pick up their child immediately if they have any Covid-19 related symptoms and/or a temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The ill child will wait in a supervised isolation area until pick up.

Indoor & Outdoor Disinfection

High contact surfaces throughout our facilities, both indoors and outdoors, are disinfected with hospital-grade sanitizer regularly though out the day. Additional measures in place include air purifiers in each classroom, UV light disinfection, sanitation door mats, and social distancing markers between children at work and meal times.



Small Groups and Social Distancing

Class sizes are limited and groups of children and staff are separated throughout the day to minimize children’s exposure at school. We encourage and help children practice safe social distancing within their group both inside the classroom and on the playground. All classroom cohorts are separated on the playgrounds with assigned play areas and rotations. Increase adult supervision helps students remember to keep their masks on, wash their hands after play, and maintain all social distancing protocols.


Personal Protective Equipment and Hygiene

​All students and staff wear face masks at all times. Children’s temperatures are monitored regularly throughout the day. Staff and children regularly wash hands following CDC guidelines. Children receive fun and simple daily lessons in health and hygiene to keep themselves and others safe.