Enrichment (Scheduled as part of Core Curriculum)


The MBMA Chinese Program is utilizing the method of learning language using a multi-faceted approach. The children learn to listen to and speak Mandarin as well as learn to read and write simplified characters. The program also includes some Chinese culture. Chinese is included as part of the weekly curriculum from Children's House through the Primary Grades. Elementary students who wish to continue the program make take it after school.

The Children's House level is able to understand and speak basic Chinese vocabulary such as: numbers, colors, and families, through Chinese songs, games, rhymes, flashcards, and stories.

The Primary Level continues to study vocabulary and practice speaking short sentences. They also are able to recognize and write some characters and learn Chinese pinyin. Pinyin is the pronunciation of Chinese characters.

Elementary students continue to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing Chinese. Textbooks and computer programs are used to enhance this process.

Computer Technology:

At the Primary level the students are taught the basics of using a computer. This includes using the mouse, inserting CD's, and running age-appropriate software. They are taught the home-row keys and learn a few keys at a time to memorize the keyboard while typing. They learn child friendly versions of WORD, POWER POINT, and EXCEL to create projects in a variety of subject matter. The children use KIDZUI: The Internet for Kids, to research and use websites within their grade-level curriculum.

The Elementary students focus on proper keyboarding using a variety of software programs. They are taught to safely and effectively do research using the Internet for projects relating to their grade level and classroom topics. They complete assignments using WORD, POWER POINT,  and EXCEL. They type a variety of assignments, poetry and reports, create research presentations and shows, and make tables, charts, and graphs of collected scientific data which culminate in their Science Fair Projects. The students ate taught to save all work to a Flash drive and carry it with them. The 6th grade students write and create the MBMA school newspaper and the end of the year Yearbook.

Fine Art:

The Fine Art program gives MBMA students a unique opportunity to be exposed to a strong artistic foundation. Starting with basic drawing fundamentals children will be working on their ability to "see" objects and the world around them. Instruction will include Pastel, Charcoal, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Marker and Colored Pencil, Mixed Media and more. Each class involves a demonstration in "How to" use the media and "How to" draw what children see. Content will include lessons in Value, Line Study and Composition, Perspective, Movement and more. Each year culminates with a schoolwide Gallery Exhibit of the students' work.


The Music program begins with an introduction and review of vocal techniques through singing which includes: breath support, vowel sounds, diction, dynamics, phrasing, melody and partner sounds. Students are introduced to Instrumental Music through "Strike, strum, and sound". Percussion instruments, key boards, wind instruments and string instruments are added. They are also introduced to Music Theory, Elements of Music, Rhythm, notation/pitch, melody and harmony, dynamic expression, and introductory Italian terms and definitions. Applied performance and rehearsal techniques and etiquette lead up to several all school performances throughout the school year.

Physical Education:

Physical Education is an integral part of our curriculum. Level I begins with Locomotor skills: walking, running, hopping, jogging, skipping, jumping, and sliding. Next they work on Non Locomotor skills: balancing, twisting, bending, swaying, turning, and stretching. They also work on manipulative movements: kicking, grasping, rolling, throwing, and catching.

The Elementary program begins with a Team Building unit designed to help students interact in a non competitive fashion. It develops improved communication, working in different roles (followers and leaders), and the importance of good sportsmanship. Team sports units cover basic rules and skills of the individual sports. This includes dribbling, shooting, and passing in each sport, as well as basic strategies such as offensive and defensive positioning. The Upper Division participates in The President's Physical Fitness Testing. They pretest and work on skills to increase strength, flexibility and endurance for to develop top performance.


Each year a general topic of study is selected to be emphasized utilizing all the sciences throughout the school year. The depth of study is developed to meet the academic levels of each grade. By 6th grade, Chemistry is introduced and the students begin to work with the periodic table and balance chemical equations. Students are introduced to the metric system, scientific vocabulary, and the scientific method. Students work with scientific tools such as microscopes, scales, rulers, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, and thermometers. The curriculum also includes a dissection lesson. 3rd through 6th grade students participate in extensive Science Fair projects which are judged, then displayed at our annual Science Fair the first Friday in May.


Spanish is taught as part of the classroom curriculum for both Children's House and Primary. The 2nd through 6th Grade classes participate in the formal Spanish program. The students review the basics including numbers, months, days of the year, seasons, colors, and greetings.They work on phonics to facilitate reading and writing in the language. The students also  work on pronunciation through trabalenguas (Spanish tongue twisters) that encourage the correct enunciation. Grammar is a major focus for the Upper Division. Conversation, along with oral and written expression is a large part of the curriculum. The student's goal is to put all of the pieces together, strengthening a lifelong foundation for Foreign Language learning.

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