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La Casita

Now offering a program for 2 to 3-year-olds that aren't yet potty trained.


We chose the word “Casita” because it means “little house”, and that is exactly how we want the children to feel when they are with us. The Casita will be in K-4, and the children will have their own outdoor environment in the attached garden and shaded play area. This program is a perfect place for the younger children to begin learning the independence, self-discipline, and gross and fine motor skills that will prepare them for our Children’s House classrooms. The curriculum will also focus on vocabulary enrichment and foundational concepts such as sorting and matching. It will look similar to the Children’s House rooms in many ways but be scaled down. Circles will focus on music, movement, and stories. In the afternoon, the students will have outdoor play, lunch, and rest for two hours. The half-day program will end at 12:30.



Children can enter the program no earlier than their second birthday, and most will transition into a Children’s House room near their third birthday. If your child will be turning two after September 5th, you may still join the waitlist, and you will be notified if there is a space available near the time of your child’s second birthday. They may enter the room in pull-ups, and we will assist in toilet learning until they show the independence needed for the Children’s House classrooms. There will not be set transition times during the year, but instead will depend on the readiness of the child as determined by the current and future teachers, families, and administration.

We are so excited to welcome your child to Mission Bay Montessori Academy!

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