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Our School

We are a Montessori school located in beautiful San Diego, CA with programs for children in Preschool through 6th grade. Our 10-month school year runs from August through June, and we also offer a Summer Program. We have been in operation since 1968.


In Montessori circles, the term “education for life” is often used. Dr. Maria Montessori developed her specialized, hands-on curriculum methods based on years of observing children learning. The Montessori Method emphasizes the importance of children becoming capable, self-directed, and independent. Each classroom environment contains a wide range of materials that attracts the child’s interest and presents concepts in a carefully sequenced order, under the watchful guidance of Montessori-trained teachers.


Education For Life

Our goal is to help children reach their fullest potential. The Montessori Method is based on a child’s need to learn by doing and develops the whole personality of the child. In addition to their intellectual faculties, we also help children build their powers of deliberation, initiative, and independent choice. Our elementary students also experience facets of traditional education (testing, textbooks, and homework), which helps facilitate the transition to the next phase of their education. The academic accomplishments of our students are held in high regard by the private and middle schools in our area. We credit this reputation to our child-centered Montessori philosophy and curriculum.

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