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Admission procedures start with a scheduled tour of MBMA.  Tours are for adults only and not more than 6 people are scheduled in a group.  All classrooms and levels are visited and a good, in-depth overview of curriculum is discussed, as well as seeing children working in the Montessori environment.  Parents leave their information for the waiting list at the time they visit. Evaluations are scheduled for the child/children after the tour date.  An evaluation is a readiness assessment for the purpose of determining whether the school is a good fit for the child, and to determine at what level the child’s needs may be met.  Elementary aged children will need a current progress report from their previous school/teacher, along with skills evaluation by an MBMA teacher.

Preschool “readiness” is usually around 3 yrs of age, but may differ depending on the child.  They need to be toilet trained prior to scheduling an evaluation.  Parents will know more what “readiness” looks like once they have visited the classroom.

Most children, preschool-6th grade, attend 5 full days. There are a limited number of half-day spaces available for first year 3 year olds. The regular academic day is 8:00-3:30. Extended care is available from 7:00-8:00 am and 3:30-6:00 pm.  In addition to the regular after school day care program, there are a wide variety of extra-curricluar activities at an additional cost.

Please look for information on our 8 wk. summer program each year as noted on our calendar.  Children ages 5-12 from other programs are welcome in the summer months.  Many students that are contracted for the new school year will start the program in summer.

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